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The lesson program at Grace Riding Stables is aimed at providing every rider an individualized program to help them meet their horsemanship goals. Whether it’s a child’s first pony lesson, an adult's first time in the tack since childhood, or an experienced rider preparing for their next Centex or Dressage show, Grace instructors focus on a strong foundation for all riders.

Lessons are available for the beginner rider, learning all the basics, through the show rider, perfecting their skills. We have several lesson horses that are great for the beginner as well as horses that are show ready.

All beginner students start off in private lessons until they have developed sufficient skill to join a group. For those students that already ride, an assessment lesson will be scheduled so the student can be put in a group with other riders of similar skill level.

For all lessons, students should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled lesson time and plan to stay 30 minutes after the conclusion of the lesson. You will use this time to tack up and unsaddle / cool off your horse. Students are welcome to ride their own horse, or one of our school horses for a small additional fee.



What is Hunter/Jumper? The Hunt seat is based on the tradition of fox hunting. Hunt seat competition in North America includes both flat and over fences for show hunters, which judge the horse's movement and form, and equitation classes, which judge the rider's ability both on the flat and over fences. The term hunt seat may also refer to any form of forward seat riding, including the kind seen in show jumping and eventing.


What is dressage? Dressage is the systematic development of horse and rider, resulting
in a balanced, harmonious team. In its most basic stages dressage helps the horse and
rider communicate with each other and develop balance, strength, flexibility and accuracy. For this reason, riders with different backgrounds and competitive goals - jumping, eventing and barrel racing - often use dressage as a way of creating a pleasant, athletic mount and improving the horse's performance.

At its highest levels, dressage improves the horse's ability to use his body, producing a horse that is light and balanced and seems to float effortlessly through the arena. The communication between horse and rider becomes so subtle that the horse seems to be performing on its own without any input from the rider. As horse and rider become more proficient in dressage, they begin to perform the more spectacular movements, such as the collected and extended gaits, lateral movements (where the horse travels sideways and diagonally) and collected work such as the pirouettes, passages and piaffe (where the horse trots in place). The Lippizan Stallions of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna demonstrate the "haute ecole" or highest degree of training in dressage with their famous "airs above the ground."

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